Works In Progress

Project List

I am sure this list will be altered throughout the year but this is what I would like to work on throughout 2015

WIP's already started:

Richmond Sampler - The Essamplaire - FINISHED!
Rebecah French - The Essamplaire
The Sparrow - Tree of Life Samplings
Family Record Sampler - Hester's Needle
Twenty-Third Psalm - Vera K
Nantucket Rose - Lavender and Lace
Santa and the Merry Animals - Homespun Elegance
Peppermint Twist - Little House Needleworks

A wishlist of projects that I would like to start at some point:

272 Words - Primrose Needleworks
Elisabeth Hoover - Scarlet Letter
Of Female Arts - Primitive Needle
Winter Sheep - Little House Needleworks
Other ornaments - TBD

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MoonBeam said...

An impressive list. It will be fun. Good luck.


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