Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Going through stash....

Hello dear readers!

It is a cool, breezy, early fall evening here in the Shenandoah.  We had almost 2 inches of rain yesterday and today - and I am thankful for every drop!  It has been so dry recently - to the point that I have been worried about the fall leaves becoming "blah" due to lack of water.  But Mother Nature has hopefully rectified that situation!

Thank you for all of the kind emails from my previous post.  It was so nice reconnecting with many of you!  I am still slowly working my way through my emails - so if you have written to me over the past several months, I promise - I WILL respond very soon!

I have been slowly going through my stash - and I have quite enjoyed the task!  It has been like a walk down memory lane.  Fond memories of so many lovely fabrics and threads; not to mention the patterns!  Whew!  I had no idea that I had collected so many!  As many of you know, I have an affinity for the BIG projects.  I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I own a lovely collection of smalls patterns and I can feel them calling my name ;-)

The ornament that I posted in my last post is, unfortunately, still in my stitching basket - but I have not forgotten about it!  As of late, my life has consisted of long work days and by the time I get home the only thing I have energy for is pulling the lever on my La-Z-Boy recliner!  But a girl can dream.  So until I can get myself snuggled in with my needle and thread, I have decided to share some of my favorites from my stash.  Hey - if I am not stitching at least I can DREAM about stitching!

One of the smalls that I came across and fell in love with again was this little beauty...

JBW Designs
Rose Motif Sampler

Isn't it lovely and elegant?  I love the pink color - the pattern calls for WDW Strawberry Fields or GAST Hibiscus.  I did not find those colors in my stash - so I guess that means a trip to my LNS in the future!  

Thanks so much for stopping by - I promise to find another oldie but goodie to share soon!



Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you got the rain! We had some here yesterday and it appeared to help jumpstart the fall color change. Hope things slow down for you so you can pick up your needle and thread.


Brigitte said...

Going through one's stash is always a delight. It's wonderful to re-discover all the little treasures that we bought a long time ago because we liked them. I often do that and I always discover charts that I want to start stitching immediately. The one you pulled out is so beautiful.

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