Saturday, October 29, 2011

Proud as can be!

Hello, dear readers!

I wanted to share a wonderful event with you.  On July 4th my husband and I visited Poplar Forest near Lynchburg, Virginia.  For those of you who are interested, you can read my post on our visit here.  While in the gift shop my husband found a brochure for the Poplar Forest 5K race to be held in October.  He picked up the brochure, brought it home and promptly signed up.  Now, I must tell you that my husband and I struggle when it comes to exercise and eating right.  Well, I guess I struggle more than my husband, but you get the picture. So, I was surprised when DH said that he signed up for the Poplar Forest 5K!

Over the next few months DH worked hard at the gym and ran the local roads.  He had his eye on the prize and in the process he lost over 60 lbs!  Finally, October 8 arrived and we made our way to Poplar Forest.  It was a chilly, sunny morning and I could tell that DH was nervous. 

Warming up before the race

Sporting the new 5K t-shirt

Waiting for the race to start

And their off!

Runners ran down this hill and then up the hill in the distance.  Then, they had to turn around and come back...those hills were brutal!

DH is coming up the hill...

Many runners were walking the hill (I probably would have too!) but my DH ran both hills!

The race took the runners around the house and here is DH hitting the home stretch...

What a FINISH! 

 My handsome husband...he never walked once during the entire race!  

You are my hero!  I love you!

Thank you for letting me share such a special day with you.  Now, I am off to get some stitching in so I can share a stitchy post soon!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

IHSW Update

Hello fellow stitchers!

Once again I am late with my IHSW update.  Well, I guess better late than never.  I was not a hermit last weekend, but I promise I had a good reason for not holing up at home and developing one good case of Stitch A@@.  More about that in another post. 

I did want to show you my progress on the piece I was able to stitch on last weekend.  It is my SAL with my dear friend, Robin (no blog.)

The Sparrow by Tree of Life Samplings
DMC Threads and mystery hand-dyed 32 ct. fabric

I hope to have some Richmond Sampler progress to report very soon...

I have not been a very good blogger nor have I been very good about visting blogs.  I hope to get around and visit with everyone very soon! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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