Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where did the time go?

Hello dear stitchers...

Since I cannot seem to focus (or make a lot of sense for that matter,) I am going to "borrow/steal/take" another Valerie's rambling blog idea (Fog City Dweller) and hopefully make more sense.  I realize that bad spelling and grammar can cost points here in Blogland, especially when you are a teacher.  Yes, I am a teacher and yes, it is my job to educate the youth of tomorrow but sometimes a girl just needs to throw on some PJ's, put her feet up and not worry about wearing the "teacher hat" 24/7.  So, if my spelling is terrible and my grammar stinks...don't hold it against me...just look at it as I am saving my educated self for the kids. 

~ I guess there is somewhat of a sorority/fraternity of MIA Bloggers who are making their "comebacks." I shall count myself in their numbers.  Sorry to be gone for so long...

~ I am shocked but very pleased that I have quite a few new followers!  Welcome! 

~The month of August was a real rocker! Earthquakes, aftershocks, and hurricanes, Oh My! My own personal life has also been rockin' with the beginning of a new and very busy school year. Then to top it all off, I contracted a lovely staph infection which left me with very little energy. For weeks I have been exhausted and drained but I am on the mend thanks to some really good drugs! I have kept all of you in my thoughts and will be visiting blogs very soon.

~ Speaking of earthquakes, I was home sick from school with the "BIG ONE" hit.  I thought it was the drugs...nope, just the earth moving. 

~ My StitchMate needlework stand arrived exactly a week and a half ago.  I.  AM.  IN.  LOVE.  If I was not already married to hubby, I would seriously consider devoting my life to my StitchMate.  Stitching is a breeze and I actually feel like I am making progress on some of my BAPs! 

~ Not only am I in love with my new StitchMate, I am also in love with the scroll rods that came with the stand. They are just perfect for my samplers.  I have ordered a new 24" set for Richmond Sampler.  I will have her done before I know it!

~ Since the StitchMate arrived, I have made progress on two projects.   Here is Rebecah French:

Rebecah French - The Essamplaire
36 ct. Lambswool
AVAS silks

Here is my SAL with Robin (no blog)  I am stitching Tree of Life Samplings "The Sparrow."
The Sparrow - Tree of Life Samplings
32 ct. something hand-dyed
DMC threads

~ I started stitching goals in July.  I have not posted my finishes or my new September goals.  So, without further ado, here they are:
July Goals:
1. Finish Lizzie*Kate ABC Lessons  DONE!

2. Finish Richmond Sampler (this is a big challenge!)  So big, that I did not finish it.... :-(

3. I will be starting a new Saturday SAL with my dear friend, Robin. It is a Tree of Life Samplings SAL and we are stitching a design of our choice. My goal is to stitch on our new project EVERY Saturday!  Well, I started the SAL and I have stitched on it most Saturdays. 

4. Pull out Psalm 23 and start working on it again. It needs to be a 2011 finish! Probably make this piece my 15 Minute A Day Project.   Yeah, didn't happen. 

5. Continue working on Rebecah French. It would be nice if I could finish the first lesson...however, I am trying to be realistic and keep my sanity. She is new and I will post more about her very soon...
I am not finished with the first lesson, but I am getting there.  Rebecah has been my main project.

6. I would like to start something new...Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is on my mind...and has been for some time. Actually, I cannot stop thinking about it. So, I guess that means I need to start it?? How about this...I will start it AFTER I finish Richmond Sampler...hopefully both will be this month!!
I did not start anything new.  I have tons projects ready to go but I want to get a finish under my belt before I start a new project. 

September Goals:

1.  Finish Rebecah French Lesson One.
2.  Continue working on The Sparrow SAL - every Saturday!
3.  Put Richmond Sampler on new scroll rods and get her in the rotation. 
4.  Start Primitive Needle SAL -  I will be stitching "Of Female Arts" and I will attempt stitching on it one day a week. 

Well, that should do it!  I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!  I look forward to catching up with everyone!


Siobhán said...

My philosophy about blogging is to enjoy life and blog when you can. No need to apologize if you don't post often, though I always love it when you do update! :)

LOL about your Stitch Mate. I'm glad you found a good fit! I am an in-hand stitcher but can imagine how helpful it is when you find a system that works.

Nice progress on Rebecah French!

Anonymous said...

Great update, Valerie! Rebecah is looking great as is The Sparrow!

Glad you are feeling better!


Teresa said...

Sorry you have been under the weather. Don't worry I don't read blogs to correct them and I hope no one is correcting mine. More important things in life. Samplers are looking lovely.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Catherine said...

Great update! Such a busy time of year for everyone!

I do hope you are feeling better and wish you luck on your Sept. Goals!!

Catherine said...

Great update! Such a busy time of year for everyone!

I do hope you are feeling better and wish you luck on your Sept. Goals!!

Chris said...

Hi Valerie,
I am gald to hear that you are feeling better. I hope that you get stronger every day.
The stitching looks great. Both samplers are beautiful. I am glad that the stand is working so well.

Happy September!

Katherine said...

Valerie - so sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but I'm glad to hear you're on the mend - just in time for school!!! Beautiful progress. Don't beat yourself up about meeting the schedule. You'll go at whatever pace is most comfortable for you - and you're doing it beautifully!

Nancy said...

Sorry you have been under the weather! Lovely progress on your WIP! Don't put pressure on yourself about how often you blog and about grammar and spelling...blogging is for fun! I sure hope no one checks my grammar and spelling skills as I don't check theirs! lol Wish you good luck meeting your September goals!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You're making wonderful progress on your WIPs. R. French looks fantastic.
Glad you're in love with you new StitchMate.

Peggy Lee said...

Love the update.
So sorry you've been sick. Glad though that you are on the mend.

I would love to see a picture of your new stand.

Ann said...

Loved the update--loved the look at Rebecah--loved the description of your new stand! Can't wait to see the Richmond sampler--I really should get that one out again and finish up ALL those Queen stitches!


valerie said...

Great post Valerie...hope you're feeling better! Love the progress on your wips. Isn't the StitchMate great?! I just love mine!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

So glad to see your post! I love how Rebecca French is looking - she's a beauty and your Sparrow progress is great, too!

Good luck with all your goals. Which HRH do you want to do?

Cindy said...

Glad you are back. I enjoy seeing your projects and hearing your thoughts. I never think about correcting a blog. Teachers are always on when they see or may see their students and really need a PJ place.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Jonette said...

Sorry you have been sick but glad to hear you are better. Thanks again for the wonderful gifts you sent for your giveaway. I am enjoying using them.

Katrina said...

Oh yuck, hope your infection is completely gone and you have your energy back!!! Gorgeous projects, love both of them.

I say blog when you feel like it and don't worry :-).

Jenny said...

How good to hear that you are on the mend, Valeri! It is really dreadful to be sick as an adult - was it ever as hard when we were kids? I can't recall...
"..I thought it was the drugs.." LOL! Are you sure that it wasn't your new love, the stitch-stand, arriving...? ;-)
You have done some great progress on your samplers and I love the look of
If you would be interested in having a SAL partner sometime in the future for Shores of HRH, send me an e-mail. I think that it would be great as a SAL piece (a slow one...).
Take care and hope that you feel fully recovered soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. If anyone critiqued my blog for grammar errors I'd be in serious trouble ! Love the samplers you have going and glad you're on the mend. I too have been Mia from blog land. Now that dd is back at college I hope to have more "me" time :)

Suzanne said...

So glad you are enjoying the Stitchmate - it's it the BEST!! Hope you are doing well - my husband was up in Mineral last week for work, and he felt an aftershock from the earthquake - and heard it too - said hearing it was really eerie.


Kathy Ellen said...

No worries about not being able to blog when you are so busy with other things going on in your life. I have been feeling quite out of touch lately too, but that is just the way things go sometimes. It is always a great joy to read your postings and see your wonderful work!

"Rebecah French" is beautiful. Alphabets are among my favorite things to stitch! Can't wait to see your continued progress on Tree of Life Samplings: "The Sparrow" I must look up the design. I am already intrigued by some of the wonderful words you have stitched!

Enjoy your wonderful new Stitch Mate. I love my Doodler mini-frame with it's interchangeable scroll rods. It accommodates any piece of stitching and the little frame rests on my arm and lap for very easy and comfortable stitching anywhere.

Blessings to you this weekend!

Karoline said...

Good to see you post, hope you're feeling better.

Rebecca & the Sparrow are looking lovely.

Karen said...

Welcome back! I have the Stitch Mate as well and absolutely love it. I'm glad to hear you're getting lots of use out of yours so far as well. Good luck with your Sept goals!

Suzanne said...

My blogging has become quite sporadic of late. Firstly because I just don't have the time, nor have I been doing very much and thirdly I need my DH to take the photos and he is so very busy.

Nice work on your stitching and good luck with the goals.

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