Saturday, September 24, 2011

IHSW Update

Ok, so I am a week late and $10 short but I figured that you would like to see my progress from International Hermit Stitching Weekend.  While I was not able to stitch the entire weekend, I did get in quite a few hours between Friday night and Sunday evening.  My attention was focused on Rebecah French and The Sparrow.  I will share pics of The Sparrow after I share them with my SAL partner, Robin.  Here is Rebecah so far...

Rebecah French - The Essamplaire
AVAS and Zweigart 35 ct. Lambswool Linen
 I am enjoying Rebecah French.  She is a delightful sampler!  I finished the eyelet alphabet and once I finish the eyelet border I will move on to the satin stitch alphabet.

This weekend I will once again pick up Richmond Sampler.  My 24" scroll rods from StitchMate arrived and now I can stitch on Richmond with both hands!  Hopefully we will see a finish sooner rather than later!

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments.  I am feeling much better and your warm thoughts were instrumental to my recovery!  It is hard to believe that fall is officially here.  I am already enjoying the cooler weather.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Hugs and stitches...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where did the time go?

Hello dear stitchers...

Since I cannot seem to focus (or make a lot of sense for that matter,) I am going to "borrow/steal/take" another Valerie's rambling blog idea (Fog City Dweller) and hopefully make more sense.  I realize that bad spelling and grammar can cost points here in Blogland, especially when you are a teacher.  Yes, I am a teacher and yes, it is my job to educate the youth of tomorrow but sometimes a girl just needs to throw on some PJ's, put her feet up and not worry about wearing the "teacher hat" 24/7.  So, if my spelling is terrible and my grammar stinks...don't hold it against me...just look at it as I am saving my educated self for the kids. 

~ I guess there is somewhat of a sorority/fraternity of MIA Bloggers who are making their "comebacks." I shall count myself in their numbers.  Sorry to be gone for so long...

~ I am shocked but very pleased that I have quite a few new followers!  Welcome! 

~The month of August was a real rocker! Earthquakes, aftershocks, and hurricanes, Oh My! My own personal life has also been rockin' with the beginning of a new and very busy school year. Then to top it all off, I contracted a lovely staph infection which left me with very little energy. For weeks I have been exhausted and drained but I am on the mend thanks to some really good drugs! I have kept all of you in my thoughts and will be visiting blogs very soon.

~ Speaking of earthquakes, I was home sick from school with the "BIG ONE" hit.  I thought it was the drugs...nope, just the earth moving. 

~ My StitchMate needlework stand arrived exactly a week and a half ago.  I.  AM.  IN.  LOVE.  If I was not already married to hubby, I would seriously consider devoting my life to my StitchMate.  Stitching is a breeze and I actually feel like I am making progress on some of my BAPs! 

~ Not only am I in love with my new StitchMate, I am also in love with the scroll rods that came with the stand. They are just perfect for my samplers.  I have ordered a new 24" set for Richmond Sampler.  I will have her done before I know it!

~ Since the StitchMate arrived, I have made progress on two projects.   Here is Rebecah French:

Rebecah French - The Essamplaire
36 ct. Lambswool
AVAS silks

Here is my SAL with Robin (no blog)  I am stitching Tree of Life Samplings "The Sparrow."
The Sparrow - Tree of Life Samplings
32 ct. something hand-dyed
DMC threads

~ I started stitching goals in July.  I have not posted my finishes or my new September goals.  So, without further ado, here they are:
July Goals:
1. Finish Lizzie*Kate ABC Lessons  DONE!

2. Finish Richmond Sampler (this is a big challenge!)  So big, that I did not finish it.... :-(

3. I will be starting a new Saturday SAL with my dear friend, Robin. It is a Tree of Life Samplings SAL and we are stitching a design of our choice. My goal is to stitch on our new project EVERY Saturday!  Well, I started the SAL and I have stitched on it most Saturdays. 

4. Pull out Psalm 23 and start working on it again. It needs to be a 2011 finish! Probably make this piece my 15 Minute A Day Project.   Yeah, didn't happen. 

5. Continue working on Rebecah French. It would be nice if I could finish the first lesson...however, I am trying to be realistic and keep my sanity. She is new and I will post more about her very soon...
I am not finished with the first lesson, but I am getting there.  Rebecah has been my main project.

6. I would like to start something new...Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is on my mind...and has been for some time. Actually, I cannot stop thinking about it. So, I guess that means I need to start it?? How about this...I will start it AFTER I finish Richmond Sampler...hopefully both will be this month!!
I did not start anything new.  I have tons projects ready to go but I want to get a finish under my belt before I start a new project. 

September Goals:

1.  Finish Rebecah French Lesson One.
2.  Continue working on The Sparrow SAL - every Saturday!
3.  Put Richmond Sampler on new scroll rods and get her in the rotation. 
4.  Start Primitive Needle SAL -  I will be stitching "Of Female Arts" and I will attempt stitching on it one day a week. 

Well, that should do it!  I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!  I look forward to catching up with everyone!

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