Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer time...almost here!

Hello dearest blogging buddies!

It is a beautiful June day here in the Shenandoah.  Temperatures are definitely in the summer range and I am aching to get into the pool, however, the school year is not yet over; I have two weeks before break.  Till then I will be immersed in final grades, cleaning my classroom and finishing pacing guides. 

My in-laws visited last weekend and my FIL loves to frequent flea markets and antique malls.  While we were perusing a local antique mall he bought this darling sampler for me...

I don't think that it is from looks like it was a stamped pattern...probably stitched sometime during the 20th century.  However, it is a lovely piece and I love the colors; it reminds me of Pennsylvania German samplers. 

I have been able to steal some time stitching and I have made some progress on a couple of things.  I have not snapped a picture of Richmond Sampler...I hope to do that soon.  But I have made some nice progress on Lizzie*Kate's ABC Lessons. 

This is a Saturday SAL piece that I am stitching with my friend, Robin.  She is stitching L*K "Dog Lessons for People."  My weekends have been very busy and it has been nearly impossible for me to get any stitching done on Saturdays.  I found a wonderful blog, Mary Corbet's Needle & Thread, and if you do not already follow this blog you must check it out!!!  Mary has a wonderful "15 Minute Stitching Philosophy" that I have been employing with my L*K ABC Rules.  I have to say, it is working!  After a week of stealing 15 minutes here and there, I can see progress!  I have noticed that when I sit down to stitch on my 15 Minute project,  I end up spending at least 20 - 30 minutes on it.  Then, I pick up Richmond Sampler and stitch away for at least an hour.  Sometimes I am my own worst enemy when it comes to having time for stitching and I just *THINK* that I don't have time for it and talk myself out of stitching by saying "no time for this!"  Well, if I keep my needle threaded and ready to go, then it is easier to pick up my stitching and keep going.  Now, I am not going to lie, there have been days when I have not put a single stitch into anything but at least I can say I am stitching more days than not. 

I have fallen behind on visiting blogs and I hope to get caught up very soon.  Happy Stitching everyone!


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Old or not, that is a sweet sampler and how wonderful of you FIL to get it for you!

Your LK piece is looking great. It is amazing that 15 minutes or so does make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Love the sampler your FIL picked up for you! What a terrific find even if it isn't ancient!

Super progress on your ABC Lessons piece! I see it hanging in your classroom come August!

Looking forward to Saturday!


samplerlover said...

It is amazing what we can achieve in jus 15 minutes of stitching. I find Mary's scheme does work and my samplers are always ready for the odd 15 minutes. They all add up.
Love your lovely present from you FIL. It doesn't matter if it is old or new. It is the thought that counts and I think that it isw lovely that your FIL bought it for you.
Your LK piece is coming along nicely. Enjoy your warm weather. I have he opposite (: - Sandra.

Margaret said...

How sweet of your FIL to buy you that sampler! Wow! It's beautiful! Love your Lizzie Kate progress too!

Laurie in Iowa said...

The sampler your FIL bought you is very sweet. Your making good progress on your WIPs.

Katrina said...

The sampler your FIL gave you is so pretty and I love your Lizzie Kate piece :-).

Nancy said...

That was so nice of your FIL to buy that sampler for you, it is very pretty! Good progress on your LK piece! Thanks for the blog link!

Deb said...

Wat a find on that sampler! You are so lucky that your FIL bought that for you. Love your LK piece and I'm going to have to check out that blog you mentioned. I think that 15 minutes can make a huge difference - especially because that's about all the time I have lately.

Kathy Ellen said...

How sweet of your FIL to purchase the beautiful antique sampler for you. It is such a special find! Thank you for sharing the blog link too. Happy Stitching to you too!

Suzanne said...

Lovely sampler that your FIL bought you, even if it's not old it's certainly a pretty piece.

Nice work on your LK piece.

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