Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy New Year and Good Bye UFO's!

Hello dear blogging buddies!

Yes, it has been too long, but I am glad to be back in the blogging community.  Life has been, well, hectic and blogging has unfortunately gone by the wayside.  I have not been a good blogger nor have I been a good blogging buddy.  However, it is a new year and while I am not perfect, I am going to try to stay better connected to my favorite hobby, stitching and spending time with my stitching friends.

My first year of teaching has been full of experiences (some really great, some not) but even with the bad I am thrilled to be teaching and everyday is a new learning experience!  Now that I have a better groove going (aka a more organized teacher) I have stolen some time for stitching.  I have finished the over one verse on Richmond Sampler (WOO HOO!) and plan to continue with flowers in the border.  Here is a picture of my progress (sorry for the wrinkles...)

Here is a close-up of the stitcher name...oh, to be able to meet Miss Anne Maria Clarke!

Yesterday, I met with my good friend Robin.  We hit our LNS, Cross Stitch Station in Waynesboro.  Terri, the owner was having a "Going to Market Open House."  Everything was 20% off!  Needless to say, I stocked up on some things and bought a few pieces of linen.  Robin and I also *finally* exchanged our Christmas presents to each other.  Robin was so generous and I love everything that she gave me.  Here is a picture...

Included was a 1/4 yard of my favorite linen, "Vintage Country Mocha," a darling Sampler Notebook, several gorgeous silks, a lovely chart, "The Sparrow" by Tree of Life Samplings, a beautiful hand-made project bag, and last but not least the most beautiful Christmas ornament.  Robin...thank you so much for the lovely gifts!  You are a great friend and I am blessed to have met you!

Speaking of Robin, we are working on our own little SAL.  It is "Ferry Farm Cherry Sampler" from Homespun Elegance.  We stitch on Saturdays and this is my progress over three Saturdays...

Over the past few weeks I have been lurking around the blogs and I am just amazed at the beautiful things being created. I have enjoyed seeing all of the new starts and resolutions to finish those old UFO's.

Seeing so many people make progress on their UFO's got me thinking...I need to fish out some of my own UFO's and finish them! I did dig in my stash and found quite a few UFO's. I had to do some soul searching with some of them. Several of my UFO's were attachments to people from my past. Ex-boyfriends, friends who turned out not to be such great friends, etc, etc. For years I have held on to these UFO's. My reasoning? "I have put in so much time, I CAN'T POSSIBLY get rid of it!" Over the Christmas Holiday, I purchased a book on my new Barnes and Noble Nook (LOVE IT!) called "Throw Out Fifty Things." The author preaches getting rid of the things that are the "garbage of your past." The longer you hold on to these "past items," the longer the past has a hold on you and therefore you are slow to move forward. So, I made a decision to keep only the UFO's that meant something to ME. So, three UFO's have moved out of the house and to my local Goodwill. Maybe someone else will enjoy finishing them and besides, I feel happier and lighter to boot! It was rewarding letting go of those UFO's...not to mention, I now feel happier when I stitch. Those UFO's and their bad memories are no longer calling me from the UFO basket. I did not realize how much of a hold they had on me till I let them go! So, now I am focusing on three UFO's. I will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks. So keep an eye out!

Well with that dear stitchers, I must fly off and make the most of the next few hours at the house.  Hubby is at work so it is prime stitching time!  Till next time...



Jan said...

Valerie~ I think that your sampler is coming along so nicely, and congratulations on getting that over 1 verse done. This is going to be a stunning sampler when finished.

Robin is most special and she did give you some lovely things. Glad that you were able to get together yesterday and enjoy yourselves. Isn't it wonderful to have friends that we can get together with and chat about stitching projects?

Yes, there are lots of things to entice in the stitching blog world. I do so hope your teaching position continues to bless you and help you to grow as a teacher!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

So glad to hear from you, Valerie. Your Richmond sampler is coming along beautifully and I love the over one verse.

I am happy to hear that your teaching position is both rewarding and challenging! Both are good things. I know Robin as well and I'll bet she has some good advice and wisdom to offer. She is such a special person and I treasure our long distance friendship.

Glad to hear you got rid of some stuff you no longer needed/wanted - it's always a good feeling to let go!

Welcome back! We've missed you!

Melissa said...

Your Richmond sampler is coming along nicely. That is one big challenging piece but oh so pretty!

I will look forward to seeing your progress on Ferry Farm Cherry sampler. I've been wondering about stitching that one myself...however, gosh, I think I have enough waiting in line for me to stitch!

It's amazing how getting rid of a few things can lighten up our lives. I can identify with you there!

Happy Stitching!

Katherine said...

So glad you're back! You sound happier too, being rid of those UFOs that were dragging you down. Beautiful progress on the Richmond.

Robin in Virginia said...

Hey Stranger!

So good to see a post from you! Had a terrific time yesterday -- browsing, chatting, plotting, and just plain old enjoyment!

Glad you released those cumbersome UFOs! Good for you!

Enjoy the coming week and looking forward to hearing all about your upcoming weekend!

Natasha said...

It is wonderful to see you back, I as well as everyone else understands the ups and downs of blogging, a busy life takes 1st place.

Your Sampler is beautiful. Keep up the good work :)

Take Care

Carol said...

I think during the first year of teaching a teacher learns as much, or more than, her students, Valerie! I'm glad you're able to find more time to stitch again!

Your Richmond Sampler is one of the prettiest I've seen--I'll be stopping in often to watch it grow :)

Margaret said...

It's good to see you blogging again! I'm glad the teaching is going well despite a few bumps. Congrats on getting that over one verse done -- it's a pain, isn't it? But it's done now and it's looking great! You got wonderful presents from Robin too -- so special! It sounds like getting rid of those UFO's was a great idea. Maybe I need to do that too. lol!

valerie said...

Nice to see you post! Your Richmond Sampler looks wonderful. Congrats on completing that over 1 verse. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your teaching position.

Christine said...

Great sampler you are stitchting !
i should do the same as you : make some space in the boxes still intact since i moved. It's hard !

GingerCat said...

Glad you are back! Also, I am glad to see that you are still loving your new life with teaching. It is a very demanding profession.

Katrina said...

Everything is so pretty, I love your Richmond Sampler :-). Sweet gift and the Homespun Sampler pieces is really cute too.

Good for you letting go of some of the UFOs. I did that when I switched from aida to linen, I just knew I'd never finish them.

Siobhán said...

It's so good to see a post from you, Valerie! Love your progress on the WIPs. Beautiful gift from a beautiful person, too--Robin is such a good person, isn't she?! Lovely SAL the two of you are doing!

Good for you on giving up the UFOs. My feeling is that it's my hobby to enjoy as I see fit, and if that means not finishing something, then okay!

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