Monday, February 15, 2010

First Ornament Finish!

Good day everyone!

Once again it is snowing in the Shenandoah.  All of this snow is borderline ridiculous!  I am going to the Gathering of Embrodierers in Williamsburg this weekend and neither snow nor sleet nor freezing rain will keep me from my Richmond Sampler class! 

I am very pleased to share with you my very first ornament finish.  I changed the colors a bit but I like the final product.  The colors called for were two shades of green.  I decided to use a darker green (CC Spinach) for the tree and a burgundy red (DMC something) for the tree stand.  The deer are white and a bit hard to see but I used DMC B5200 so they shine a bit.  This ornament is dedicated to Robin who is the reason I got my butt in gear and got this stitched!  Thanks Robin!

I had planned to have progress pics of my Beatrix Potter SAL today but at 11:00 last night I was on the way to finishing one of the motifs.  Well, lo and behold I found a mistake and set myself to frogging.  Since it is snowing and as soon as I clean the house, I will pick Bea back up and have a progress pic for you soon.  It was funny, as I was stitching Bea last night I thought to myself, "This has been such a joy to stitch so far!  The thread has just glided through the linen and behaved and not knotted up.  The color, Bretheren Blue is so calming..."  then, WHAM!  I found my first big mistake.  So much for being calming!  I guess that I just got too wrapped up in the new season of the Amazing Race.   It was difficult for me last night not to watch the Olympics but I had to watch the Amazing Race.  I figured it was one night and the Olympics will be on for weeks!

I mentioned that I will be attending the Gathering of Embroiderers in Williamsburg this Friday.  I signed up for the Richmond Sampler class which is being taught by Margriet Hogue from The Essamplaire.  Words cannot express how excited I am!  I posted a countdown on my blog page.  I am sorry that the gadget is asking for a donation.  Ignore that donation button.  THAT IS NOT ME!!!  DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY!!!  I guess that is how they can call it "free!"  Anyway, I just thought that it would great fun to countdown.  Hubby and I are leaving to go Williamsburg on Thursday afternoon.  Check in for the Gathering is from 4:30 to 6:30.  Then at 6:30 they open up a stitching room till 8:30 or so.   It will be so much fun meeting other stitchers.  And don't you worry...I will be armed with my camera so I will take pics of all the beautiful things that you know will be there! 

Well, I guess I should go and clean this house.  I guess that it's the least I can do since I am home again today (no school!)  Thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments.  I appreciate them more than you know...they truly make my day! 
Happy Stitching!


Sharlotte said...

The ornament looks lovely Valerie! How are you planning on finishing it? I hate to frog , but seems like I can't do a single project without at least doing a little froggin'! Get's frustrating doesn't it? Can't wait to see your BP progress! Stay warm!

Ellie said...

Seeing your ornament makes me want to start mine! I cannot wait to see your Bea! I have seen others on the SAL. WOW!!! I might have to order the chart. Jan

Anonymous said...

Your ornament is lovely and thanks for the sneak peak yesterday! I proud of you and your ornament stitching! So, what ornament are you going to do next? Sorry you had to frog! Looking forward to seeing your progress on Bea!

Have a blast at the Gathering in Williamsburg!


Nicky said...

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for visiting my blog - it was lovely to 'see' you there. Isn't that great about the sheep farm/books we love thing? I've even noticed we both often end our posts with the same thing lol. It still amazes me about blogging how easy you meet people all over the world who share a love of similar things. Your ornament is lovely, I have a couple of JBW Christmas designs that I hope to stitch up one day. Have a wonderful time at your stitchy gathering. Nicky

Kellie said...

Your ornament is gorgeous! Congrats on your first ever ornament finish! I think they are fun when I need a fast, quick finish fix. :) Looking forward to seeing your BP. Brethren Blue is a pretty color--I can't wait to see it used on that sampler. We are out of school again today too. I am hoping we go back tomorrow. I love snow days, but I have had enough for awhile. Your stitching retreat/class sounds like a lot of fun. How exciting!!

Deb said...

Valerie - Your ornament is so pretty! Can't wait to see how you finish it off. And how thrilling to be taking that class. I hope that all goes well with the weather and you have a wonderful time!

Lois said...

Your ornament is lovely! I do like those JBW Christmas designs. Enjoy your class!

Siobhán said...

I love your ornament!! I really need to get going on my February ornament. Gulp. I can't wait to see your BPQ--sorry about having to frog! :P Enjoy your weekend!

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