Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to Sharlotte, Tracey and Ranae!

I was thrilled that you came by to visit!  Thank you for the wonderful comments!  Yes, I am a lucky girl and all those wonderful charts will certainly keep me busy! 

Ranae - hopefully I got the wonderful charts because I was a good girl...if I was a bad girl then I am happy to continue on that road since it appears to pay off too!  hehehehe...

Sharlotte - about the quilt...I wish I could say that I made it but alas I must give credit to LL Bean.  I found it in a LL Bean outlet this summer.  I loved the colors and I put it on the daybed that I have in the computer room.  I just makes everything so much brighter!  Thank you for the compliment!

Tracey - I know that you must LOVE your Ott-Lite!  I bought mine at Michael's this summer with a 50% off coupon + 15% more off!  I hit the jackpot on that one!  However, I would pay full price if something happens to the one that I have.  It is indispensible!  Enjoy your stitching!

Again ladies, thank you for coming by.  I look forward to keeping up with your blogs!  Happy Stitching!

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Sharlotte said...

Thank YOU for visiting my blog that led me to yours Valerie! I look forward to getting to know each other!

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