Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More work on Sara...

Good evening!  It is a clear, cold night here in the Shenandoah but there is a heat wave predicted for Friday.  I have heard from trusted sources that we may reach over 45 degrees on Friday!  WOO HOO!  I might actually be able to sit next to my stitching window this coming week.  The windows in the house are TERRIBLY drafty and lately it has been so cold that I freeze when I sit next to my window.  I love my Ott-Lite, but nothing beats actual sunlight. 

Speaking of stitching, I have gotten some stitching done on Sara this week.  Actually, I should be further along but Sunday night I realized that the first motif on the left was over too far by two stitches.  It took me most of the night to pull it out.  How frustrating!  I guess that I should consider myself lucky that it was only one motif and not half of thee sampler like my last project (see Blessed Be...) 

I am really enjoying stitching on Sara and I have decided that I am going to contact the Reading, PA museum where the original is housed.  As I stitch on Sara's sampler I feel a sort of connection with her...especially when I come across her mistakes and stitch them exactly as she did!  (See, not everybody is perfect!)  Nonetheless, I would love to know more about her and I hope that the museum in Reading will be able to help me.  Hopefully one day I will go to Reading and see Sara's original in all its glory. 

Before I go, I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to visit my blog.  I have really enjoyed reading the wonderful comments that you all have been kind enough to write.  I know how hard it is to find time to read the blogs and commenting is one of those things that takes time as well.  Please know that it is very appreciated!  THANK YOU!  I have enjoyed this experience and look forward to more blogging fun in 2010!  Till next time...Happy Stitching!


Meadows08 said...

Thank you for becoming a Follower of my blog! It's really nice to find new blogs to read. I love how your Sara looks. The colours are great!

Lois said...

What a lovely sampler! I look forward to watching your progress.

Sharlotte said...

Whohoo! This is looking really great Valarie!

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