Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Gathering of Embroiderers

I just sent off my registration for the Gathering of Embroiders in Williamsburg on Feb 18.  I have never been to a 'gathering' before and I am excited to meet some new people and hopfully some fellow bloggers!  Money is a bit tight so I only registered for one class, The Richmond Sampler.  It is being taught by Margriet Hogue from The Essamplaire.  I cannot wait!!  I think that I may have to de-stash so that I can come up with some extra $$$ since there will be vendors there as well.  It will be so much fun to see all of the pretties and new charts.  I love my not so local, local needlework shop but it will be nice to see what others have to offer.  If you are interested, there are still some seats available in some of the classes.  Here is the link for more info and here is a pic of the Richmond Sampler...isn't it gorgeous?

I also have a TON of books (mainly Civil War) that I will put up on ebay or maybe AbeBooks.  My FIL frequents estate auctions and buys boxes and boxes of CW books for me.  My major in college was history and one of the periods that I specialize in is the CW.  Many of the books he has given me I already have in my collection so I figure that I can sell the others.  Besides, it is going to a good stash!

Also, I am starting to think about what pieces I am going to enter in the local fair.  Last year not one person entered any needlework!  What a shame!  I plan on changing that.  I entered one of my pieces several years ago but there were other pieces that year and I got second place.  I framed the piece myself and I am convinced that I did not get first place because the other entry was professionally framed.  Oh, well.  This time I am going to enter several of my finished pieces.  Blessed Be and Sara will be two of them.  So many people browse through the arts and crafts and maybe, if I am lucky, someone will take an interest in antique samplers too.   I would love to form a local sampler guild...but I am getting ahead of myself!

Well, I guess that is enough blabbing for one day.  I hope to have more done soon on Sara to share with everyone...till next time...Happy Stitching!


Sharlotte said...

I guess needlework just must be phazing out at fairs. I didn't go this past year, but my sister went. She said that there was such a sad sad selection. You might consider putting charts you are wanting to de-stash on your blog. You wouldn't have to pay a listing fee that way like on ebay. Just a thought. Your CW books you might consider advertsing to your local homeschool community. There again you might avoid listing fees. Here in out town we have a used curriculum sale twice a year. People set up booths there and sell things pertaining to homeschooling. Your books would qualify. I'd ask your local library about it and see what you can find out. People in my area would snatch those up, I bet they would in your area as well.

Ranae said...

I agree Richmond Sampler is a beauty. Have fun with it and we expect updates.
Good Luck with the fair pieces. We don't have many either, but lots and lots of quilts.

Lois said...

It's always nice to get together with other stitchers and what a lovely class to take. The sampler is a beauty. Good luck with putting things into the fair. I'm sure they will be much admired.

Alma Allen said...

Lucky you! Hope you have a great time at the Gathering. Love the sampler you chose. All those birds flying in the air! Isn't it wonderful?

Wish I could go too!!!

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