Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boy, Santa was good!

Hello everyone!

As I write, the snow has just begun to fall here in Virginia.  I like snow, but this winter it has begun to wear out its welcome.  The snow from the storm on December 18-19 is STILL ON THE GROUND!  And I don't mean just a little!  We have had one other snow since then and this falling snow makes the fourth snow fall of the winter!  Oh, just gives me a great excuse to curl up in my stitching chair and work on my newest project.  Speaking of new projects, I realized today that I had not shared my Christmas presents with you.  My hubby, who thankfully appreciates my hobby (obession?), was with me several weeks ago at my LNS.  While we were there he put several of the samplers that I drooled over on a wish list.  Lo and behold, on Christmas Day guess what I found under the tree?  Not one or two or three patterns...but SEVEN!  I was, excuse the pun, like a kid at Christmas!  Several of the charts are Pennsylvania Dutch samplers and I am excited to try them.  DH is from Pennsylvania Dutch country and honestly, until I met him had never really explored PA Dutch needlework.  It simplicity is charming so my next project will be "Sarah Shultz~1826."  She is not pictured here because I have begun stitch her and I need to take a pic of the fabric, threads, etc.  Pictured here are:  Hester's Needle "Family Record Sampler", Rosewood Manor "Family Reunion" and "Willkommen", Sandra Sullivan "Woolly Squirrels", The Goode Huswife "PA Christmas" and Carriage House Samplings "A Mind Independent and Free."  Am I a lucky girl or what??? 

I did take a closer picture of one sampler that I think I will start rather soon.  Rosewood Manor, "Family Reunion" is a collection of motifs that can be personalized with family initials.  This was the first pattern that I found and immediately fell in love with it.  There are a total of 46 motifs and about 45 alphabets; a goldmine!  I love genealogy and I thought this would be a beautiful way to stitch something that would include mine and hubby's family.  Also, some of the motifs will make gorgeous Christmas ornaments!  While I was in PA for Christmas, I gathered some info and names so that I could start relatively soon.  I am going to order the fabric and a few of the threads so I can get started by February. 

Thanks for looking...stay warm everyone and Happy Stitching!


Ranae said...

Oh!! You must have been a very good girl all year to receive that beautiful things
Happy Stitching!!!

Sharlotte said...

What super new stash!! You're gonna be busy for a while! But that could be a good thing. ;)
I love the quilt on the bed!

Tracey said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift! Hubby did not get me patterns but he did get me an Ott-lite, which has been wonderful! I have been wanting one for a long time!

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