Monday, January 4, 2010

A 2010 Finish!

I put the last stitches in "Blessed Be..." this evening.  I have enjoyed stitching this sampler, but I can honestly say that I am *thrilled* to be finished with it!  It has been a long time coming too!  I have been working on the piece since January of 2008 and it is a wedding present for my hubby (eventhough we were married in July 2008!)  I was on the way to finishing in October until I uncovered a horrible mistake.  Somehow, the house was not centered and I ended up ripping out half of the sampler so that it would be correct and not look odd.  It is dated 2009 and I am leaving it since most of it was stitched in 2009.  I am so excited to move on to something new!  I had forgotten how great it feels to finish a project...glad that I could share it!  Happy Stitching!


Erica said...

I hate it when that happens! I have done it too!
The final result is beautiful though!
Great job!

Natasha said...

Fantastic job. I have this in my to do pile it has been there for almost two years. After seeing yours I think I should get started on it.

Take Care and Happy Stitching

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