Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Stash!

I am so excited!  Ever since I was in Williamsburg and was able to view the Antique Sampler Collection at the museum I have been obsessed with finding some of the samplers to reproduce.  Joanne Harvey of the Examplarery has reproduced several.  I bought two of her kits while we were there but really wanted to purchase the infamous "Chase Sampler" by Mary Starker(y).  Well, at the time I did not have $180 to spend on a sampler kit.  So I began to do some research on the internet.  That is when I found that Elsa Williams and Paragon had both produced The Chase Sampler kits.  Actually it was Erica's blog, "Bits and Pieces" that I learned about those other kits (Thanks Erica!)  I have been scouring ebay for these kits and in the process stumbled upon another Elsa Williams Williamsburg kit.  "The Farm Sampler" is a reproduction of Sarah Salter's sampler.  It was stitched in 1779 and it is in the Newburyport, Massachusetts style.  I have taken some pictures and posted them.  The sampler is stamped on linen but does use the same stitches as in the original.  I am very excited about this new stash item and I want to start stitching ASAP but I have promised myself that I would finish my "Blessed Be..." sampler first.  I will keep updating!

Happy Stitching!

Monday, September 21, 2009

BIG Mistake...

Hello!  I know that it has been awhile but I am taking four classes for my teaching certification, so that has put me a bit behind.  However, I've truly been busy stitching!   I have been working on my BRD "Blessed Be..."  On Friday night I was finishing the top part of the piece (so exciting!) and realized that I had made quite the big boo boo.  Since I have picked this piece back upin August, I have noticed that I was off a few stitches here and there.  No big deal, right?  Well, it became a big deal.  I carefully went over the entire piece and finally found the problem(s).  Apparently, when I started the piece I must have been somewhere other than Planet Earth. The first section that I started back in 2008 is just a mess.  The counts are so off that the section with the trees and house are not centered.  I have posted a picture so that you can see.  I have been upset about this for days and have asked several people their opinions.  However, I think they are just being nice that it is not that noticable.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.  I think that I will stitch in a few more flowers next to the saying and next to the trees.  Maybe lengthen the border at the top just a few stitches to make it more rounded?  I have put this one aside for a few days so that I can figure out what to do.  Thanks in advance for any help!

Happy Stitching!

This is further away...

This is a closer picture...

Come Explore!